MUSIC: Tinuade - (Amazing God) || @TinuadeIlesanmi

Minister Tinuade's "Amazing God" (Live) is a divine revelation captured in a musical masterpiece that leaves no room for doubt that God is, unquestionably, amazing.

This stirring melody was born during one of her vocal rehearsals, a moment when the Lord's inspiration flowed through her, shaping the lyrics that have now touched the hearts of many.

In her own words, Minister Tinuade explains, "As I worked on the lyrics, I was overwhelmed by the realization of how immense our God is, and yet, He resides within the hearts of His children. His creative power radiates His awesomeness, visible in every corner of creation — the sea, the ocean, the sun, the moon, the entire universe, and all living creatures. 

All these elements come together to showcase His glory and beauty. In light of this, I have nothing more to say than to call Him an amazing God!"


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