MUSIC: Orafiri Ibisiki - (Hope)

14-year-old singer, motivational speaker and writer Orafiri Ibisiki is out with her debut single titled "HOPE".

Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic that took its toll on the entire world, the multi-talented teenager goes beyond putting her pen to paper by bringing her motivation to life with sounds and rhythm. Laced on EDM instrumentation, Orafiri reassures that hope does not disappoint inspite of economic, political or social crisis peculiar to individuals or geo-political zones.

"I am a teenager but my heart has depth enough to know and feel a thing or more about life and all that it can be," Orafiri posits.

"This is why I can heartily share my message of HOPE to the whole world today!

'''HOPE' was inspired by the effects of the global pandemic of COVID-19, which disrupted life as we knew it.

"HOPE is for those moments when your inner struggles, fears and anxiety try to get the better of you!


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