MUSIC: Seun Makanjuola - (Imole)

Nigerian gospel singer Seun Makanjuola unveils a new single named "Imole"

Imole is a Yoruba word being translated in English as "Light". Yoruba is the language commonly spoken in the western part of Nigeria.
The song descended into her spirit by the holy ghost.

Emphasizing on this song, she says, when you possess light within, you see it externally. God is the light man needs to explore in life. Ephesians 5vs13 says; But all things become visible when they are exposed by light, for everything that becomes visible is Light.

We are the light of the world but we cannot shine without GOD in our lives, it is only Him that can give us the power to suppress darkness.

Once GOD is being invited into our lives, we begin to explore and our light starts carrying the glory of GOD.


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