MUSIC: Courage Gabriel - (No Fear)

Who is Courage Gabriel? Courage Gabriel is a musician, comedian, event manager/planner and a content creator/writer.He is popularly known as MC-CEEGEE. He based in Abuja.

Courage Gabriel signed under Busymind Entertainment,when he released his first single feat.tecno with the Crew called capital vibes.Courage Gabriel was also the lead vocalist under Busymind Entertainment from 2016 - 2018 when the contract ended.

As one who has so much passion for the serves of God especially in music ministration, he started his music ministry at the age of 10, by God's grace and family he was able to find his calling. This passion for praising and worshiping God through songs made him out standing amongst his mates/equals.courage Gabriel was determined,he devoted himself in working hard to achieve his goal as a musician. He plays musical instruments so well.


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