MUSIC + VIDEO: Kay Wonder - (Jesu Olomi Ati Eje)

Nigerian gospel minister, songwriter; Kay wonder is here again with another mind-blowing, spirit-filled song and video titled Jesu Olomi Ati Eje

Kay wonder, an inspired Minstrel of the Gospel in song ministration, through the Holy Ghost releases another hit song that serenades the invincible potency and power of the Almighty God.

Kay wonder shares a scripture reference which inspires the birth of the song

2chronicle 20: 1 -20

The ministration reflects the helplessness of the Israelites in the face of the daunting forces of the Moabites and Amorites who in their legion caused trepidation in the hearts of the Israelites.

King Jehoshaphat appointed anointed minstrels who led the high praises of God. Aroused in His fury, the devouring power of God consumed the bands of army and gave victory to the Israelites.

This song speaks to every moment of storm, confrontation, and difficulty that challenges our lives both individually and collectively as a nation.


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