MUSIC: Israel Matt - (Higher)

Israel matt an outstanding minister, full of an unusual presence of God, has come up with this Master piece *HIGHER*  "This is the life of the man in Christ; from glory to glory and higher higher" he explains..  

ISRAEL MATT is currently the Choir director of the the great ministry SALVATION GOSPEL MISSION INT'L. (SGMi). This song is no doubt gonna bless you... All grace..


Nations shall come to my light 
And Kings to my rising 
Everything's working for me
I've got all that I need
I know that I cannot lose 
I've been made victorious
My joy is overflowing
This is the life that I live


Higher higher
Higher everyday
Richer richer 
Richer everyday
Count my many blessings
And give God the praise 
Higher higher
Higher everyday

I keep on rising
From glory to glory

Repeat solo and chorus

I'm shout with a voice of triumph 
Everybody come let's praise him now
I'm gonna sing for the Lord is faithful
Uh uh
Oh yes I'm rising
Yes I'm rising
Yes I'm rising
Yes I'm rising

Repeat chorus

I'm rising yes I'm rising
I'm rising yes I'm rising


Precious Edorisiagbon said…
Go!!!!! Israel 🔥 love this song 💃💃
Anonymous said…
Israel Matt you are a blessing to the body of Christ.

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