MUSIC: Evang Bunmi Adekola - (Olorun Ju Eniyan)

One of the best and emotionally resonating songs at a season like this is out now by Evang. Bunmi Adekola and she titled it "Olorun Ju Eniyan".

I think you won't understand until you really listen to it.

"Aye eye romi pin!"

You are suffering today and you got a lot of people looking down on you. When you appear at the corner, they start gossiping about you.

It even got to the extent of saying it to your face not minding how you feel about it.

Many times, you got inside crying and looking up to the heavens saying "what have I done to you God, why do I deserve this?"

Yes, it is truly painful.

But, this is what I want you to know, God has not forgotten you. No, He never has.

You know when gold is tried in a furnace, it comes out with an extremely beautiful look and its real nature comes out.


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