MUSIC: Blessify - (Most High) || @Blessify03

Singer Blessify releases her first single for the year single "Most High"

The song Most High by Blessify is a masterpiece born out of the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the only credible soothe you can find in reverence to God Almighty. 

It Is a song to call  God’s awesome names and greatness back to him for all his mighty deeds and blessings he showers on us his children. 

This song encourages us to take careful inventory of our thoughts of God and of Christ whom he sent to save. He is the only way of salvation. God does not make idle threats neither does he fail to keep his promises. 

This songs affirms the supremacy of God by proclaiming the sovereignty of God over creation and providence. God is the ruler with absolute power. He made all things; he is not the work of man’s hands or a god of man’s imaginations.

We find the phrase in psalms 146 verse 24, “Sovereign Lord, who made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them,” throughout the Scriptures.


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