MUSIC: Tobe Hills - (Living Proof) || @Tobehills

Singer Tobe Hills releases a single "Living proof”.

According to her;

This song "Living proof” was actually inspired by the Holy Spirit through my man of God pastor Sam Agbamuche  ( senior pastor, salvation Gospel mission intl), who happens to be my father and my direction.

Full lyrics was drawn from the scriptures. The song is a daily reflection on what God has done in the past, present and future no matter what we face, the trails and tribulations in this world, God almighty see us through, so keep holding on his word that never fails.

Let this song be your daily cogitations and confession as you reflect on the finish work of God.


When we look how far he has brought us
We can testify that his being good to us
When we walk through the trails and tribulation 
We can say that his being faithful 

Even though we walk through valley of the shadow of death
He goes with us and he sees us through (2x)

Pre chorus
Your grace found me
Your mercy kept me
You complete me
O lord (2x)

And I will testify am a living proof 
This is my testimony 
Am a living proof (2x)

Your grace found me
Your mercy kept me
You complete 
O lord 
Am a living proof
Am a living testimony


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