MUSIC: P. Sandy - (The King Was Born)

Singer P. Sandy releases a Christmas song "The King Was Born" to celebrate the birth or or lord and savoir Jesus Christ.

The song " The king Was Born" is specially dedicated to my lover " Jesus" . the yearly celebration of his birth is  also a celebration of our salvation as believers. 

There wouldn't have been  "us" without "him".

"King Jesus" is the reason for the season".....


*the king was born
*the beloved son
*a champion to rule* *this world and* *reconcile all* *men to the father* 

 *Christ is the reason* *for the* *season* 
 *common everyone* , *let's hail the* *champion* 
 *he's the reason we* *are living* 
 *blow the trumpet* *and make a joyful* *noise unto our king* 

 *it's a merry merry* *Christmas* 
 *to the people all** *over the world* 
 *and a jolly jolly* *season* 
 *we celebrate our* *champion* 

 *happy happy* *birthday Jesus* 
 *happy happy* *birthday our lover* 
 *happy happy* **birthday Jesus* 
 *you are are* *champion** 

 *happy happy* *birthday Jesus* 
 *happy happy** *birthday our lover* 
 *happy happy* *birthday Jesus* 
 *you are our number* *one*


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