MUSIC: P. Sandy - (Open Doors)

Singer P. Sandy releases another single "Open Doors" shortly after the release of the hit single "I Move".

According to her;

This song "Open Doors" was actually inspired by the Holy Spirit through my man of God pastor Sam Agbamuche  ( senior pastor, salvation Gospel mission intl) who at the beginning of the year unveiled this theme  " open doors" to us, as the rhema for the year...

Full lyrics was drawn from the scriptures. The song is a daily assurance to all, that according to God's word, no matter what circumstances might be saying... the final conclusion of the matter is "God has set before you open doors that no man, no man, no man, no man, can shut"...glory to God!!!! 

Let this song be your daily cogitations and confession and your life would never remain thesame....

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Fackbook: @Officialp.Sandy
Instagram: @Officialp.Sandy
YouTube: @Officialp.Sandy

Song Lyrics

All things are ready for me
the table's set before me
the lines are fallen for me
cos it's my time
i've been granted access
by my faith in his word
it's a new phase of grace
cos it's my time

I see open doors
every where i go
i see open doors
that no man can shut..

 *call:* doors of nations
 *resp:* are wide open
 *call:* and connections
 *resp:* are wide open
 *call:* doors of abundance
 *resp:* are  open for me
 *call:* doors of blessings
 *resp:* are wide open
 *call:* and favour
 *resp:* are  wide open
 *call:*  doors of great things
 *resp:* are open for me...


Pst. Ernest said…
Oh! I'm so blessed. What a worded song for my spiritual lifting. More Grace to this amazing singer.
Victor Michael said…
Doors are widely opened for me.many thanks P.Sandy
Pastor Laura said…
Song for eternity. I'm so blessed by it. Thanks P. sandy

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