MUSIC VIDEO: David Oke A.G.S - (The Gospel Anthem) || @davidokeags

David Oke A.G.S (aka MC Rhema) releases live performance music video for his new single titled THE GOSPEL ANTHEM.

"The Gospel Anthem" has its root in John 12 verse 32 and Romans 1 verse 16 as written by David Oke A.G.S. In the song, everyone choruses "Jesus, be lifted high as you draw all men to yourself". 

As the first single from "The Finished Work (Live)" album, "The Gospel Anthem (Live)" is a sound of worship like no other. As Jesus is lifted, He is drawing all men to Himself as we declare the Gospel to all men and submit to His will in worship. The Gospel Anthem is mid-tempo, almost like an upbeat with elements of CCM. It has Jesus as its center and core. It is all about Jesus."
Recorded Live at GOFAMINT House of Restoration, Georgia.


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