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Singer-songwriter Team Davidz is out with another hit single titled Discover. A song with a bit of his story line telling how great & timely God could be. 

He (God) steps in at His own time and make things look just beautiful. 

I see Him stepping in for you.



Everyone got stories to tell, base on experience. 

Mine is..


I’ve been hustling, struggling making no income

nothing was coming in, nothing at all 

Whatever I touched, resulted to nothing.

Was just fumbling, crumbling everything stumbling 

Nothing was coming in,

owing bills, owing debts, everyone on my neck 

He was just up there watching the happenings 

Looked to and fro 

Walked here and there, no one to help me no one to save me. 

You jumped in, you saved me, you made me, rescued me, made me whole, gave me life. 

Everything new and now I'm brand new.

Thank you God cuz, now I can smile again. 


I discover, I discover Peace in Christ 

I discover Favour, I discover Grace 

I discover, I discover Joy in you God 

I discover Breakthrough, I discover Love 

I discover , I discover Peace in You 

I discover Power, to rise above my foes 

             Yeah yeah 

         Yeah yeah yeah.....

All....(Yeah x5)


Common with less hesitation but, full dedication lift up your

Voice unto God. Say God I need ur peace and I need my breakthrough today 

It doesn’t matter how long ur problems have lasted for and how situations 

are saturated all over u. When God steps in, problems and tribulations step out

He's a good God, too faithful to fail. Has he done it before? He will do it again

Common lift up ur voice unto God and say....!


Your my everything x3

I discover everything in you 




Now I'm bubbling, sparkling 

Because of u, I'm now brand new 

Yeah yeah yeah..... Yeah.



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