MUSIC: Chissom Anthony - (Glory to God in the Highest) || @ChissomAnthony


Glory to God in the highest! That is literally the title of an awesome track by Chissom Anthony. This song has inspired so many and has steered the hearts of many to worship God and give him His due praise and Glory. Chissom Anthony doesn’t only have such a beautiful voice but she also has a beautiful heart, one which is full of love and compassion for so many. Just like our master Jesus Christ, who, when on earth was moved with compassion and love for his disciples and men around him.

The official video for Glory to God in the highest is out now! We would like to encourage you to download not just the track but the video itself. This is not just about the song it is about an atmosphere that this amazing gospel singer creates with her lyrics. This is not just another video that we want you to download. It is heavenly, it is spiritual, it is divine. Another reason why the audio and video of this track is a must have on all our devices is because Chissom Anthony is spiritually minded. She is so spiritual that you can literally tell in the songs she sings, the way she carries herself and in the manner with which she speaks.



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