MUSIC + VIDEO: StMichael Egbe – (God, You Are Not Man)


Former West African Idol contestant and gospel songwriter-singer, StMichael Egbe is out with an amazing single and official music video titled "God, You Are Not Man." A Christian praise song which describes GOD as the almighty creator of heaven and earth, the giver of life and joy, and also our spiritual FATHER, of which no man can be what he is.

When asked about the new song, StMichael Egbe, said "'God you are not man' came when things became so hard for me of which there was no one to help me out, then it was just me and God, after reading some bible verses, I decided to ask God for a favour 3 times in different occasions, and God granted me these favours with extra. I was so happy that moment,  suddenly the song came in my head.


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