MUDIC + VIDEO: Mama By Laydee Ruth || @Laydeeruth

Music minister, Laydee Ruth releases a special new single and video titled "Mama."

She shared the moving story behind the new release:

"Mama is a song I wrote for my mom 3 years ago. A couple of times, I had the urge to go to the studio, to record and release it on her Birthday or on Mother’s Day while dedicating it to all mothers, but I guess the time wasn’t right.

"Fast forward to Sunday morning (November 22nd, 2020) while driving to church, from nowhere, I started singing the song. Upon arrival, I sat for 2 minutes awaiting the church service which was going to start in 5 minutes time, my phone rings and I was like who is calling me at this wrong time, lo and behold it was my younger brother.

"I answered the call and he was crying. He said in my language (NehNeh Wuu, NehNeh Wuu) meaning (mother is dead, mother is dead). Before I could process the news, my phone started ringing again, this time it was my big sister, I answered and she said in pidgin English (Mummy don go) meaning mom has gone. I couldn’t hold myself in church and ran into the hands of my choir director who also was aware of her illness and fell to the ground crying, the loving hands of my church members wrapped me and that scene delayed the commencement of the service.

"Later, I asked my sister what time our mother passed, the time she told me, matched the same time I was singing the song.

"That was when I knew it was time to go record and release the song. She didn’t get to hear it on her birthday or Mother’s Day, but it will keep her memories alive as the world listens to it.

"This song is dedicated to all moms, late or living.



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