DOWNLOAD MUSIC: "Hosanna" By Ogidan Omolayo

Gospel singer Ogidan Omolayo is back again with another single titled "Hosanna"

According to him;

Our heavenly Father is good, merciful, gracious and kind. He demands nothing but true, genuine praise and worship from hearts that are full of gratitude. If one can pray with faith, then our God is there to answer.

Hosanna is used as a cry of acclamation and adoration for our God. I composed this song titled, 

“Hosanna” to invite all of you to join me in making a declaration of praise and adoration to the Most High God for all that he has done and for all that he has promised to do in our lives. Hosanna is joyfully composed from a grateful heart to the Lord of Hosts.

Do you believe that God loves you? Do you believe that our God can answer any prayer that comes from your heart? Remember in the book of John 14:13, the Bible says, “...And whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that will I do that the Father in Heaven may be glorified in the son.” 

Let us declare - “Hosanna to your name O Lord” - “Hallelujah to your name Lord”!


Unknown said…
Blessed be God for his wonderful things!
Unknown said…
Blessed be God, Hosanna! 🙏
Ashabi Adeoye said…
Wow! Hossannah🙌 nice one,more grace

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