NEWS: Bishop David Oyedepo Speaks On Succession Of Living Faith Church

Senior pastor of Living Faith Church AKA Winners Chapel Bishop David Oyedepo Speaks On Succession Of Living Faith Church

There have been so many rumors and arguments on who will succeed him to lead the church with so many questions as regard his first Son leading the Church's next generation. 

Bishop David Oyedepo

"Many charismatic churches die before their founder dies.

God is counting every step you are taking. If you want to leave a church as an inheritance for your family, the Church has died.

You know I'm a friend of God and so I have a few understanding(s) of his confidentiality. If you read the book 'The Mandate' you will see the succession procedure of apostleship in this ministry. Open, it's in the hand of everybody.

When you are 70 as leader of this Church, you present 3 names to the Council of Priests for them to see if any of them is qualified by the Secretariat. If they are not qualified, throw it back to you, you have one more chance to make another presentation and after that, you are out of it. The Council takes it, the Board goes to rectify. It is a process, not that somebody dies and then we don't know what to do.

You know what to do step by step, and this happens within 3 weeks. This takes place between 12 weeks. It is stated.

God is counting to determine where next to place you.

If church becomes your personal property, you have lost it, if it becomes a family property, it is dead.

Many charismatic churches die before their founder dies. Why? They own it, it is an enterprise to them, what cost Jesus his life.

A virtue man, who can find? But you know what it says, the just man walks in his integrity, his children are blessed after him.

Your children won't suffer after you!

Your children won't suffer after you!

This is so important. Don't call your sons and daughters to ministry, you may frustrate their destiny, don't.

You don't have to be in ministry to serve God. I have been a servant of God for how long. Since 76, I have been running crusade. Who is a servant of God? Someone who is serving God's interest. I have been running crusade, open air crusade since 1976. 1977 I spoke to someone everyday about Jesus. Who is a servant of God? Someone serving Gods interest.

Allow them to be positioned where they belong, you will have rest. Maybe one of them is a God ordained John D. Rockefeller of this generation, help him to fund the needs of humanity, rescue many who don't know the truth, to be free, to live, till they know the truth.

(Some people say) "All these churches who are growing, you know, they are just preaching blessing blessing."

Well done, you are preaching curses that is why your church is not growing.

How many men of my level of grace, by grace (are) on the street today? ...I am not there for the them to come to church, I am there for them to jump out of darkness to light and I will always tell them, be sure you go to church. 

Go to a living church to keep the battery of your salvation charged so that your light can keep shining and darkness can leave you alone."


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