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International recording gospel contemporary and inspirational singer, songwriter GentleJane, has finally releases her eagerly anticipated debut single “The name of Jesus” prods. By Joekeyz.

“The name of Jesus” is a song that proclaims the sovereignty of Jesus in the book of Phil 2:9-11 also a song of hope that gives life to every dead situation around us. It also became a weapon that God, has given to those that call and believes in His name, to overcome the challenges that life throws at them.

This song promises to inspire, encourage and announce the saving, lifting and life-changing power in the “The name of Jesus”.

The name of Jesus Lyrics by GentleJane

There is a name
I know that is greater
Than other names
At the mention of this name
Every knee bows
And tongues confess
That he is lord

Jesus Jesus
There is power in your name
Jesus Jesus
Your name is
Hope unshakable

There is a name
Above all
The name has
The power to save
 At the mention
Of this name
Demon's flee
Every power Bow
To their knees
(Rep Chorus)

Jesus Jesus
We're here for you
Jesus Jesus
Take all the glory
Jesus Jesus
We're here for you
Jesus Jesus
Take all the glory
(Rep Chorus)


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