MUSIC VIDEO: "Reflections" By Jephthah Idahosa Aigbe

" Reflections " is the latest offering from creative singer, songwriter and passionate worshipper, Jephthah Idahosa Aigbe.

It is a song that was birthed in deep meditation, as the song title implies. I came across a scripture (Mark 7:6-7) that revealed that worship could be done in vain if we honor God with our lips when our hearts are far from Him. So I said a prayer to God, to align the words of my lips and the thoughts within my heart, for I realized that anything other than that would be self-deception. God cannot be mocked and cannot be deceived. “I cannot look into His eyes and tell a lie”. I put this prayer into a melody and this song was birthed. I pray that this will become the prayer of believers all over the body of Christ and that we will repent from hypocrisy and from worship that begins and ends only on our lips..



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