DOWNLOAD MUSIC: "Who Is Beautiful" By Extocriz Aloe

Gospel rap artist Extocriz Aloe is out with a new song titled "Who Is Beautiful", a trap song proclaiming God as the incomparable God

Extocriz Aloe is from Cross River state. A member of Love World Ministry (Christ Embassy) church

Find out more about the beauty of Jesus on this inspiring rap song by Extocriz,  aka ODO(One Direction Only)

Jesus is an uncommon phenomena, his beauty is Amazing, The kingdom rests on his shoulders, His name is Emmanuel, Jesus is magnified in this Beautiful song, who is beautiful? Jesus is beautiful!! Hallelujah!


Jesus,  Jesus, Jesu,  Jesus
Jesus,  Jesus, Jesu,  Extocrizy uuu

Who is wonderful beyond human imagination
(Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus )
Who is wonderful beyond human comprehension
(Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus )
 Who is beautiful beyond human imagination
(Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus )
Who is beautiful beyond human comprehension
(Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus )

Who walked upon the sea
Who  made the blind to see
Who  turned water into wine
And made the stoms still
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus

 Shedrach Meshack and Abendego were
     not consumed in the lake of fire

 Daniel thrown inside the lions den but wasn't
     consumed by any lion
Brother Joseph  in the prison today tomorrow
    beacame the prime minister

 Prophet Ezekiel spoke to the bones and the
    bones became living again

Tell me who can do dis if not Jesus who gave
    all of Him and died to save us

 David wasn't even perfect enough yet he called
    him a man after His heart

If He could do this for David and co He can still
    do it for u and ur home

David was said to be short, Goliath was said to be tall
But God's spirit empowered David to bring Goliath down

Is not by power,  is not by might Is by God's spirit thats
always with us to turn things around  (yeah)

He fed the multitude,  with five fishes and two
   loaves of bread

 Yet they ate until were tired with so much left over
I'll never lost my way cos I gat Jesus my way maker

Whenever my Jesus speaks every other speaker's
 a noise maker
He is the way maker,  He never falls, He never

 He was buried inside the tomb..  and now the tomb
    is empty (huh)

 This i bigger than science, more bigger than
     law of gravity

Rememner Saul was a killer >> but Jesus saved
    n made him a soul winner >>

 He is ur number one healer>> He took ur place
    and u aint no more a sinner

Remember woman with issue of blood, just
    a touch the blood dried off

That situation maybe rough n tough
    Its over when my Jesus shows up

Lazarus past on for many days but
    Jesus raised him again from the grave

No wonder He is the ancient of days,
    He alone deserve the worship n praise

He is the alpha and omega miracles
    never illegal>>

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but
      His word forever remains

He is the first and the last, am in the
       center He's ma guard

 Lion of tribe of Judah,  anytime u show
       devil go pack

 He is the prince of peace since He came
      the troubles seized

He is impecable  able and capable to make
      the challenges freeze

 Me ah gat a strong believing, dat Jesus
      is the life m living

Ah m the mixer He the producer all of ma
     best I'll be giving

U may have schooled in Oxford, standford
 or Clifford

I don't care what u out for life without
  Jesus is awkward

U n Him be tampon, if u have Jesus
   u  have fun
i gate Jesus in my thoughts
Jesus in my dream
Jesus is my vision
He's my meditation
Jesus is my swag

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Instagram : extocriz_aloe



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