DOWNLOAD MUSIC: "Igwe" By Khemigeee Ft.Destiny || Audio

IGWE is a debut single from Khemigeee and in ibo (means king), as we all know it’s Xmas season, it a call to worship the king from every part of the world, from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same (from the East, west, north and south).

Seeing him as the source of life and source of all things.
Worship in this case is not just in our praises but in deeds, sayings and in every way we can worship.

(Isaiah 59 : 19) says:
From the West, men fear the name of the Lord and from the rising of the sun, they receive his glory.
For he ii come like a pent- up flood – dat the breath of the Lord drives along(niv version).


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