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Gospel artist Femi Yeh is out with a new single titled "Emi M'ope Cu"

According to him, "The song was inspired as a result of how people react when they are desperately in need of something, and how they act when they "arrive"... It is good to ALWAYS give thanks to the LORD!"


Emi M'Ope Du

Sub Chorus:
When we're in storm

When we're in trouble 

But when we overcome 
We think say na by our power
We never return back
Come back to give thanks

When we're in storm
We call upon the Lord
When we're in trouble 
We cry to the Lord
But when we overcome 
We think say na by our power
And we never return back
Back to give thanks


Emi mope du
Emi mope du
Emi mope du
Se'wo mope du

Verse/Rap 1:

Eni oni Jesu le'ru nba
Iwo de ni Jesu oo she'ba 
Le'jo palongo jo tabi lamba 
Taloni gbogbo e jo, Messiah 
Jesu mi so e d'olowo
He changed your story from beggar to buyer
Baba mi so e d'olola
O gbe e soke, He's lifted you higher (Yeh) 
Oba awon oba 
Oba North Oba South 
Oba awon oba
Oba East Oba West
He defends you and I 
E no be taribo west
His blessings cover you and I 
Now the blessed call us the best

Repeat Sub Chorus 
Repeat Chorus

Verse/Rap 2:

You are hail and hearty
You dey form posh
You are sane and sound
You dey form boss
Instead make you scatter dada
Make you rababa 
Instead make you scatter dada
Make you rababa s'Eledua

Oluwa Yeh, Oluwa Yeh
O ti gbemi soke
Baba Yeh, Baba Yeh
O ti gbemi leke 
Mo nfo Yeh, Mo nfo Yeh
Ju ti leke leke
Mo ma jo, Mo ma jo
Ju ti boda Leke

I'm alive today
Is a testimony 
Everyday of my life 
Is a ceremony
Me and my Jesus together 
Holy matrimony 
He supplies everything I need
Even the #@%& (bigi money) 

Repeat Sub Chorus 
Repeat Chorus 
Repeat Chorus


HorLorWe said…
Very lovely! Rich lyrics. Simple message. Dance worthy. On point. Well done Sir Femi. RCCG LP17
is indeed Giftedd.... Odunayo Olowe.
Matthew said…
Fine job bro. More grace.
Omotee said…
I love the vibe...nice job femmy yeh!

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