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Here is another piece from Promise OG's Newly released four tracks EP

The song is a hearty, celestial lovesong of praise with powerful melody and vocals resounding the greatness of GOD in His beauty, awesomeness, power, amazingness and more. This song will make you feel His presence on the spot. It is anointed to bring about testimonies and miracles

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Verse 1:

Faithful GOD

Your name is so great

There is no one like You in all the universe

Awesome Wonder

My Shield and Defender

You're the Love of my life

In You I am complete

Age to age You age not

Time has no effect on You

With You there's no variableness nor shadow of turning

From before time began, You have been on Your throne

Who can understand Your ways?

You're so great

Chorus (×2):

You are great

You are beautiful

You are awesome in all of Your ways

Verse 2:

Powerful, Your Word is so great

There's no other but You above, beneath and on the earth

Miracle Worker

My only Provider

You're the Strength of my life

In You I have my being

Age to age You age not

Time has no effect on You

Self-existent Majesty, You're amazing

Everlasting to 'verlasting

You remain just the same

Who can ever stand Your Power?

You're so great


(Angels bow down, demons tremble, saints cast crowns bowing down before Your temple

The earth quakes, the seas rage, the rocks break at the sound of Your Voice)


You're beautiful, wonderful, powerful, marvellous, glorious! LORD You're so great

You dwell, with a head of white, hair of snow, face of light, in a robe of glory. You are holy! LORD You're so great

Eyes of fire, voice of thunder and as of many waters, Wonderful Wonder, You're amazing! LORD You're so great

Awesome GOD, Invisible Reality

Mighty GOD Who was and is and is to come

Excellent amazing GOD, You, so great



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