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Few days ago we heard a gospel artiste called himself god @zion_khimanee we thought he was joking until he drops a single that talked about why he called himself god! 

Zionkhimanee is an Indigenous Rap artiste in the world of gospel music..He's the founder and the lead singer of his Music Crew "The Zionites"....His highly anticipated Single "I'm a god" which has been the talk of town "How would a man call himself god" is finally out!! He delivers this in the Afro pop genre...This song is mind blowing, Download enjoy and share

I'm a god By Zion Khimanee lyrics


Woni mode mode gbangbalajojo (chants)


Woni mode mode.....Ko somona
I do the extraordinary...... I'm a god
I speak life into anything dead I see
(Gbongbon ah eh)

Infirmity mole lere.....Patapata ooo
Ema lo dariso mi .......I be Apata ooo
Zoe ohhhhhhh is the life l live ooo

Cos I'm a god
I'm a god ohh
As he is so am I'm a god ooo
 I'm a god
I'm a god ooo
As he is so am I Olorun nimi Olorun ni mi yeh yeh

Verse 1...

One time one time when I step in the place demons go bow
One time one time my light shine so bright Devil go blind

I'm just like my father
I'm not a bastard
I rule no calender
Kinging with him like forever 

I can talk like him
I can walk like him
I can see like him
I can hear like him 

Heal the sick like him
Raise the dead like him
Make the lame man walk like him
I can do all things just like him ooo

Verse 2

I cannot be moved cos my God is immovable
I cannot be shaken cos my God is unshakeable 
I cannot be broken cos my God is unbreakable 
I cannot be down down down I'm on top of the World

When they say 
There is a 
Casting down 
I will say 
There is a 
Lifting up for me

When they say 
There is a 
Casting down 
I will say 
There is a 
Lifting up for me

Outro :

Woni mode mode gbangbalajojo (chants)


Unknown said…
Real Jam 🔥 🔥

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