DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Emmanuel Abu - [For my Sake] Audio & Video || @EMMANUEL_ABU247

FOR MY SAKE is a song birthed by a prophetic declaration of the word ‘PROTOCOLS ARE SUSPENDED’ during a prayer programme. 

It inspires faith in us to believe in divine exemption, divine favour and acceptance. It depicts the supremacy of God over all. He alone can BREAK or SUSPEND PROTOCOLS for the sake of His own. We are believers and not mere men. Our talk and walk in life is what determines our take in life. Our experiences and manifestations in life are all products of our profession and confession in life.

We are not normal beings, we are extraordinary beings, we are apostolically and prophetically different because we live and declare the written word and not what we see. The darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the people but upon us the glory of the Lord is seen. Our case is different.



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