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Abigail Itam is a gospel singer whose ministry has impacted lives around the globe to God's glory.  Her music aims at lifting the name of Jesus high and edifying His church. 

Her third single, 'The blood Speaks' is an expression of gratitude to God for all the blood of Jesus does in the life of a believer. It heals, saves, preserves, delivers, defends, restores etc. The blood of Jesus speaks against every contrary voice in our lives, it raises a standard for us and against our foes.

Your Blood Speaks by Abigail (lyrics)

Your Blood Speaks

The bible says if the Lord had not been on our side...
All our enemies would have swallowed us alive
Is there anybody grateful for life
Common join me and say

Oh Lord you are my portion
In the land of the living
O o o
And without you I can't go on
Everything I have you've  given

Your blood speaks for me
Your word is a lamp unto my feet 
Your grace is enough for me
And your mercy prevails over me


Your Spirit leads me guides me comforts me
Helps me teaches me empowers me
And raises up a standard against all my enemies 
I'm  more than a conqueror 
I've been made victorious 
By the blood of Jesus 

Your blood speaks for me 
Your word is a lamp unto my feet 
Your grace is enough for me 
And your mercy prevails over me 

lift your voice
Give God all the praise
Let the redeemed say so
Say so say
Is somebody alive

Now listen
I would have been six feet under2x
But for your grace but for your mercies
I'm still alive
 I don't deserve it
I don't deserve it
But I'm grateful 
Am so grateful 
Oh Thank you Jesus


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