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Amen by Rabboni (Lyrics)

INTRO... Are you hearing my voice 2x
No no no.
Oh! Lord of mercy 2x
Rabboni the here so.

Oluwa ma pa pe Iwo na true say you be God ooo.
Baba you bless me no be lie oo I no go deny ooo.
Sheee na you weee turn me up i no go fall ooo.
I no go love you less lie lie  mmmm

Baba God Don do am for me ooo
Alle Alle... Alle.
I go the shout alleluia.
Amen Amen... Amen.
Cause no one can do me like you do.
No oooo one.
No one can bless me like you do.
No ooooo one 2x Igwe.

After this years that I have been through a lot oo.
I keep struggling and hustling believe say I go make am.
No be lie.
Sheee na you weee the make me shine like this.
If no be you my enemies Don life me.
Chukwu oma meee.
Odemjimjim one obata obiee iyeee.
Oluwa ma pa pe iwo na true say you be God oooo.
Who are my 2x ooo.
You show me love you give me life oooo.
No be lie 2x ooo.
Onye oma meeeee.


Oluwa ma pa pe Iwo na true say you be God ooooo.
No one the bless me like you do you do you doooo....



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