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Music Minister Feli-Season is out with a new single "Salvation Is For All"

According to him, "john3v16 the most widely read scripture says for God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him should not perish but have everlasting life. salvation is a gift from God, the light of men, and a life of Christian's. we are so committed by the spirit to reach the unsaved around the whole world through these message, and messages like these are used by the holy ghost for it soul winning especially in these last days where the youth are the victims and  ignorance of the end time. God bless you as you gift someone these message i love you."

Feli-Season - Yahweh (Lyrics)

with thy heart men believes righteousness  with thy mouth confession brings salvation, whom we are what we stand for whom we are, we are light of the world
and your light, shine around the world till the city call you don't give up whom we are what we stand for  we  are lights yeah yeah yeah......

don't wait, run run
don't wait, run run
don't wait, no more salvation is for all...x4

our delight is in the the lord.. everybody sing..
 Jesus is our redeemer holy one of Israel... we are save......
you are saved  we are save by the precious blood of Jesus yes that's salvation

don't wait, don't wait yeah don't wait don't wait, don't wait yeah salvation is for all
 don't wait, don't wait oh oh don't wait... don't wait don't wait  yeah.... salvation is for all
don't wait, don't wait  don't don't wait....... don't wait yeah salvation is for all.

 speaking in tongue

no other way don't wait salvation is for all i give you salvation yeah,  yeah... salvation for you.



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