MUSIC VIDEO: Toluwanimee - [Lord Today] || @Toluwanimee


Music minister Toluwanimee is out with the official video of her hit single "Lord Today" which is also one of the tracks (3) in her recently released album "Go Deeper".

The song, an epiphany declared in audacious resolution gets an even deeper expression with the video. Toluwanimee employs an episodic plot interwoven with the element of focus - the music - to stress the theme of faith for the present.

This technique will keep one glued to the video till the end as the introduction raises one's curiosity with a subconscious eagerness to unravel the suspense encountered at the beginning of the video. At the end, Toluwanimee satisfies this curiosity teaching a strong lesson on how to hold faith for the present day, even when the  seem contrary to the truth of God's word. 


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