DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Kotina Isaac Jatau Ft. Aslyn Hanoch - [Always On Time] || Audio & Video

Super gospel artist and  vocalist , Kotina Isaac Jatau  releases a new song  titled " Always On Time" featuring  Aslyn Hanoch.

In her own words - she gave the below about the song :

"God gave me this song, and it helped me allot, it could be a message for you my friend. .... Sometimes,  I felt I'm all alone, I prayed and fasted but there's no answers, I felt like Jesus has forgotten me, for I was expecting answers at my own time, but now I've come to know  that Jesus is never late, he's always on time, Jesus can never be late, he's always on time.

Trust and believe in Jesus for He's always on time, let go and  let Jesus have his way, he's always on time..... I hope this song will encourage you. Please hold on, God will locate you

The song was produced by Sems Richard. 



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