Nigerians Should Be Clapping For Buhari Every Day & Thanking Us After God - Ngige

Chris Ngige, Minister of Labour and Employment, says Nigerians should be clapping President Muhammadu Buhari every day for making the country work and thanking those of them who made his presidency happen.

He spoke with journalists in Onitsha, Anambra State, on Sunday, where he gave a list of reasons Nigerians should appreciate the economic improvements the country has recorded under the watch of his principal.

Noting that with “any other person handling this situation — economy, security, it would have been worse”, the minister stated that “we came in and oil nosedived to 37 dollars a barrel with a production of 600,000 per day, a drop from 2.2 million and yet we managed the economy out of recession”.

He continued: “Nigerians should be clapping for us [sic] on a daily basis, and after thanking God, they should thank us. Yes, because God has used Buhari and some of us to make Nigeria work.”

Listing other achievements of the present administration, he said: “We’ve encouraged people and said there is dignity in labour with the hand. Today, we are second to America in world production of sorghum; today, we are importing about four per cent of the rice needs of the country.

“Prior to that, this country was spending $5m daily on rice and about $1.8b annually on rice importation. And you don’t want to clap for us!”

He went on to describe those “complaining against the Buhari government” as “loafers looking for appointments and air-conditioned jobs”.


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