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Tru Mantra’s Love Me is a song of ardent celebration.

Its focus is the love of God and the duo deliver this message in a completely unabashed fashion. The chorus makes it clear that the singer is giddy with this love and every verse explores the depths of God’s love in fine detail.

The goal is to draw the listener in, and then to have them become a part of the celebration to the extent that they in turn bring others to the party.

Tru Mantra sings that God loves us “Well, well oh” and they plan to have you join in.

Now, turn up the volume, raise your voice, and let’s belt out this celebratory tune together!



The way you dey love me well, well, well, well, well well oh

Owo mi loke yaya yaya, yaya eh

Maa kalellujah repete ah, repete oh

Maa kalellujah repete ah, repete oh

Verse 1:

You dey love me well, You dey hold me tight

Even when I slip, even when I stray

You dey light my path, You dey guide my way

You dey love me well oh

You dey hold me tight oh

You no let me fall oh

Na you I go follow, if e no be for your love oh

Na where I for dey eh, ah

Full of grace oh, full of kindness

Full of mercy, and full of brightness ah

Through tribulations and trials

Even when I go wan tire

Na you give me the power, You no give up on me

Verse 2 (Rap Verse):

Without your love I’d be a ship trying to sail without any ocean

Rock bottom, no motion

Without your love, I’d be a Tesla with no batteries, China with no factories

Naija without refineries

Without your love I couldn’t even breathe air, “haahuun”, I wouldn’t even be here

Without your love I’d be Barack without Michelle, if I made it to the white house I still wouldn’t live well

Without your love I’d be a bee with no honey

A bank with no money

Kevin Hart with no funny

Without your love, I no go ever get alert

Ko le work, nonsense, I’m not even here for that

Without your love I’d be like alphabets without the vowels

Without your love, there is no doubt, I’d be a total scoundrel

Without your love what would this song be about?

Thank you for your love, it gives me cause to sing and shout

Verse 3:

You dey care, you dey provide my need

You no let make hunger waya me

You dey always dey there for me

When I call, you answer me

You prepare your house just for me

We go worship for eternity

When you come to carry me, we dey go gloriously ah ah

We dey go gallantly ah ah ah

We dey go gloriously ah ah eh

We dey go gallantly um um um, gallantly um um um.


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