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Sequel to the release of her previous audio single which has gained massive air play, P-Shantel is out with the visuals of her song "You Reign In Majesty" featuring Preye Odede. ‘You Reign in Majesty’, a song that proclaims God’s might.

The song was produced and arranged by Prince Vibes who is the CEO Immortal Vibes Records. The video was directed by BOBBYRAK.

”From the edges of the entire Universe, there's nothing impossible with God. This song leads us to give our lives and all to Him and also giving a guaranty that if we put our trust in him, He will hear and meet our needs. it also envelope's our expressions to GOD. So friends, let’s worship with an understanding of GOD'S Power and I can assure you of a turnaround”.          P-Shantel

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Verse 1
Purer than Gold 
Whiter than Snow 
Deeper than the Ocean 
Wider than Sea 
Higher than the Mountain 
You're my Everything 
You are Great,You are Kind 


Oh Daddy, 
In You I put my trust. 
Chukwu Okike 
For everything I am I owe to You 
Obi n'igwe 
There's nothing impossible, 
Or too hard for You to do 
You're bigger than what we call You. 

Second verse

Jesus, this song is just for You 
Jesus, although it can't describe how awesome You are, 
Idi ebube, Mighty God in battle 
Idi omimi, Extraordinary God
Look around see the Clouds you made them Look around, See the Seas, You made them. 
Oh! There's nothing impossible, Or too hard for You to do, Jesus

Repeat Chorus 1 (×2)

Repeat Chorus 2 (4×)
You're bigger than all problems 
Bigger than the pain 
In heaven and the earth 
You reign in Majesty.

Pshantel: You're bigger than 
Preye: Bigger than 
Pshantel: Bigger than all problems, yes you -are 
Preye: Yeah 
Pshantel: Bigger than the pain 
Preye: The heaven is your throne -Jesus 
Preye: You reign in Majesty 
Both: You are bigger than all problems yeah 
Pshantel: You're bigger than the pain yeah 
Preye: Jehovah akam' di' nelu ooooooo...... Oshim' miri' yaaa ta ta
Pshantel: In you I put my trust yeah 
Preye: Chimo, You are bigger
Both: Heaven and earth adore you Jesus 
Pshantel: All creation bow at your feet
Preye: All the Angels bow down and worship you yeah
Psahntel: Jesus there is Power in your name 
Preye: Look around see the beauty ---that surrounds everywhere .......only you God made them yeah 
Pshantel: who is like unto thee no one 
Preye: In heaven and the earth 
Pshantel: In heaven and the earth 
Preye: Oh God 
Both: Onye o' lu' ebube


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