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Female gospel music singer and Psalmist Jennifer Adiele returns with yet another spirit filled ethereal sound – CHIMARA, this time featuring female vocalist Ommoh Ge.
Chimara which literally translate to ‘’ The God that Knows” in Igbo language, is a spiritual love song, delivered partly in Igbo and English, declaring that God is one who knows our hearts and what we earnestly desire and is the only one who can meet those desires.  This song is better experienced than talked about.
Musically produced and interested by Tobass Adolphus.
Chimara Obim oo
( God Who Knows My Heart) 
Onye ne memma
(The One That Doeth Good) 
Chimara Obim oo
(God Who Knows My Heart) 
Aka Na Gwo Oria 
(The Hands That Heals Infirmities) 
Chimara Obim oo 
(God Who Knows My Heart) 
Isi Iyi Ike Ndum oo
(The River of Life) 
 Obim oo
(My Heart) 
That's Who Are You To Me 
I lift my voice and 
Declare you are King
My God creator of my soul
You knows my heart
You rule and Reign in me 
I BOW to you Oh lord
And I give you all the praise 
I lay my life for you 
You who lift me up from the miry clay
You st my feet on the rock to stay
My life is yours
You will never let me fall
Obim oo(My Heart) 
That's Who You Are To Me 
Chorus - - - - - - - - - 
Chimara Obim oo
( God who knows my heart) 
Onye Ne Memma 
(The one that doeth good) 
Chima chima Chimara obimoo
(God Knows, God Knows, God who knows my heart) 
Aka Na gwo Oria 
(The hands that heals infirmities) 
Chaiiiiiiiiii isi Iyi ke ndum
(God, river of life) 
Obim ooo (My Heart) 
That's Who are to me
Ojie nunojie (King of Kings)
You choke my fault with sweet love 
Obim ooo (My Heart) 
Afurumgi na anya (I love you) 
Chika di bia so gi bu chi
(God that is Greater than the Habalist you are the Only God) 
 See how you repackaged my life to dey sweet oh
Obim oo(My Heart)
 That's who you are to me
Chimara Obim ooo (God's Knows My Heart) 
Obim oo 3x
Chimara Obim ooo 
Onye ne me mma eee 
Obim oo ooooooo.. 


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