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Anointed psalmist, Isaac Oluwatobi Is here again with yet another anointed song titled: “Your Presence” fresh from the throne room of God. 

In His Words;

“The song ‘Your Presence’ was birthed after my Music Director, Pastor (Dr) Emmanuel Alemaka asked us to explain what the presence of God is. This song is dedicated to the Holy Spirit my inspirer and my friend Enohor Igben. I wish you a happy birthday Noh_Noh.”

Your Presence by Isaac Oluwatobi LYRICS

Your presence, that is all I need
Your presence, makes me whole

**VERSE 1**

As the deer panteth for the water brooks
So pant my soul, after Thee oh God
I just can’t do without You
The lover of my soul
Your presence makes me whole

** VERSE 2**

You are the bread of life
Who came down from heaven
I eat from You, and I shall never hunger
You are the fountain of water
That can quench my thirst
Your presence is enough for me

Your presence (Call); Your presence (Response)
Makes me whole (All)


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