Meet Sierra Leone Based Nigerian Gospel Artist "Uche Youngstar" - Biography

Here are some interesting things you need to know about Sierra Leone based Nigerian Gospel artist Uche Youngstar, based on an interview with Naija Gospel World.

Uche Youngstar whose full name (real name) is Uche Ogbonnaya is a Gospel Artiste based in Sierra Leone, He Was born on the 5th may, He hails from Ebonyi State Nigeria, He was born and raised in Onuafo Enuagu Onicha Local Government.

Uche Youngstar is a member of new harvest global ministry church SL, He is a business man outside music.


Below are interesting reponds from Uche about himself! 

- How did you start singing?

The first day I sang in a church was in 23rd January 2015
I never knew that I can sing well,
But I was moved by the way people praised my voice and there was alot of testimonies on that great day
And that was the day I decided to be a minister for christ.

What inspired you to take up music as a career?

God plated the gift in me to be a musician
Am sure of that Cuz I found  it easy to compose song
And each song I composed always make an impact in people's life
And I see that as an assignment from God to me
To sing life changing songs.

what are your challenges as a Gospel artiste & how do you cope with them?

It's not that  easy especially when devoting all about me to God, the temptations all over the place,
Even some worldly  music companies  have requested to sigh me in as their artist with many promises,
 just trying to stop my dreams of singing gospel
But am just made for what am made for, the word of God has been planted in me to preach to the whole nationas.

Outside singing, what other talents do you have in music & outside Music?

I play some instruments like keyboard, drums, bass gutter, and still learning more. I am also a song writter and a music director.

- What is that one thing you do that makes you feel fulfilled or want to do that will make you feel fulfilled?

Singing always gives me joy Or listening to some songs.


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