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Portharcourt based Christian Rock Band, Crossstreet has released their debut single titled ''I Depend On You'', off their soon to be released debut album ''The Yearning''.

As people are going through various challenges in the World, it became obvious that the only one who can help us is God. And it will demand total trust in Him. "...By strength shall no man prevail", so if we can depend on Him wholly for answers and deliverance, He will definitely show up. He always does.

Jesus wants us to rely on Him for everything. Not just the hard stuff, not just when we’re afraid, but all the time. Because if it weren’t for Jesus, we wouldn’t have the eternal hope that we have. He gave us life, so we really do rely on Him for everything!


Your Mercy never fails
I trust in you
What you say you will do 
Iheikuru geme
When they turned their backs on me
and rejoiced in my pain
You rose up
And put them all in shame
Thank you for loving me
For hearing me when I call you
Oh God atukwa sirimgi obi
Chimo agabigalamo
Chijindumo atukwa sirimgi obi

You're the strength of the weak
In distress is you i seek
When all I hope is gone
and there's no song to sing
When all lights fades out 
In you Lord i will trust 
Chi nwendum o
You will be my light 
Onye na zam ekpere
Ebube injieme onu
Atukwa sirimgi obi
Igagiarari pum o
Chimo agabigalam o
Chijindumo atukwa sirimgi obi
I depend on You
I depend on You


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