Download Music [Your Love For Me] By Mike Praise || @mikky022001

We surely cannot brag about our love for God but we certainly can brag and sing about His love for us. Pastor Michael Omizuwo, professionally known as Mike Praise, a native of Isoko South LGA of Delta state, renders an emphatic love song to God. 

He magnifies the love expressed and personified through the Lord Jesus Christ. When asked what inspired the song, here's what he says:

"God is love. Unconditional love. Incredible love. His love for us is mind blowing and limitless. For God so love us that He gave us all. This song was born in an atmosphere of meditating on the incredible love of God in the midnight hour. Oh what a beautiful fellowship with the God of Love. It was done on me how much God loves us. With tears in my eyes and a broken heart.. I knelt beside the chair and began to sing 'Your love for me has pulled me down on my knees, oh Lord you are good '. It a song from a grateful heart. A love song to my maker."


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