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Sensational singer Ero-B releases 3 awesome singles, only you Jesus, take all The Glory, & i'm a Miracle from her most recent Album.

According to her, "I really want to appreciate God Almighty for this songs, indeed have been impacted by them(God has really made me a miracle by this songs) and I pray it will bring grace(positive impact) to every listener in Jesus name Amen."

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(Take all the glory Lyrics)

Who am i, that you're might full of
Who am I, you shared your love for
You made me to have dominion, over the works of your hands
How glorious you are

I give you glory and the honour
No man can compare to the things you have done 4x Yahweh, Yahweh

I give you the glory
Take all the glory. 4x

Take all the glory

Only you Jesus

Lead: only you Jesus, depend on you for everything

Call: do what no man can                 do
Resp: in my life
Call: do what no eyes have seen
Resp:in my life
Call: do what no ear have heard
Resp: in my life

Do what no man can do 3x miracle God
Do what no man can do3x Emmanuel
Is only you, 3x I sent my heart upon

Repeat call and respond

(Am a miracle)

Verse 1
Thank you Lord for bringing me this far, when I saw how I was made
to be a perfect being
He saw all of creatures like fish bird and others and you called and said to me
I can't be any of this things
You made me for yourself
You called the host of Angels and they sat down and you made me in your image after your likeness

Am a miracle 3x
That's who I am

Verse 2
 It came to a time that I almost gave up of the way things have been ye
I heard a voice say
Don't be discouraged
For low am with you ye
Am the apple of his eyes, you made me  for  yourself, you called the  host of angel
And they sat down and you made me in your image after your likeness

Repeat chorus
Am a sign and a wonder 12xConnect with Ero-B

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Facebook: ero-b blessing
Twitter: eromoselebless4
Instagram: erobblessing.


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