NEWS:|| Apostle Johnson Suleiman Says His Blackmailers Will Be Exposed Within 24hrs

Apostle said somethings while addressing pastors in the on going ministers confrence organised by his ministry in auchi. Here is what he said
“In Less than 24hr the truth shall be exposed, You can’t bring me down” Apostle Suleman Speaks
Fiery clergy, Apostle Johnson Sulemman has finally opened up on the sexual allegation levied against him by Stephanie. During the on going ministers conference at Auchi in Edo state this afternoon he said God told him that in less than 24 hours marine spirit and their agents will be exposed and the truth about the allegation be revealed.
“In less than 24 hours marine will be disgraced publicly. In 24 hours, the truth will be exposed. They will be disappointed along with their representatives. And they will know that I Am That I Am has sent me. We don’t fight with our mouth but on our knees. You can’t do certain things and still carry the anointing we carry. Put your ears down. If am true or not true, if am real or not real, 24 hours. I am a tough person, You can’t bring me down. They should get a better agent who is more presentable that people would easily believe….”


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