NEWS:|| Steve Crown Sends A Strong And Important Message To Worship Leaders

You Are Great crooner Steve Crown shared on his Instagram page a vital mistake Worship leaders do.

Don't allow skills get in the way of the flow.
Adlibs and riffs are beautiful techniques and trust me, I'm a huge fan of it. But can also be the hindrance to the "worship"itself if not properly managed.
Many gifted singers have become the "GOD" they are leading the people to because of that, the Church stopped lifting hands to God but clapping those hands for them.
Like John the Baptist..... SHOW the way
LEAD the way
LEAVE the way
Worship wasn't, isn't and will never be about us... Remember worship is not just "SINGING" it is an act of stirring the presence of God.

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  1. Legit Steve! i noticed i get distracted when worship leaders or gospel-artiste Adlib too many times thus cutting my worship flow.