NEWS:|| Pastor Bill Johnson Gives Biblical Reasons Why He Voted Trump

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Pastor Bill Johnson Provides Biblical Account For Why He Voted Trump For President
By Edosa Jnr - November 11, 2016

Bethel Church pastor and author Bill Johnson shared on Wednesday in a lengthy Facebook post why he voted for Donald Trump for U.S president. “I was told if I voted for Trump I needed to open my bible to find out why it was morally wrong. So I did, and this is what I found,” he begins.
California-based Johnson first references abortion. “I found that murder/abortion was wrong, which Clinton approves of even up to the point of delivery. Changing the name from baby to fetus doesn’t change reality. It’s a baby. A woman has a right to decide what happens to her own body. But all of our rights stop when they violate the rights of another — in this case the unborn,” he writes. “I also found that one of the main biblical purposes of authority is to speak on behalf of those who have no voice. The unborn qualify. They wait silently for someone to stand up and speak. Clinton has refused to do so.”
Johnson stated he also believes the protection of U.S. citizens is a key concern. “Clinton pulled the protection back from our representatives who were crying out for help at Benghazi. She then deceptively blamed a video on YouTube, knowing it wasn’t true,” he writes.
“I found that compassion for aliens (visitors to a nation) is vital, but here again the responsibility to provide safety for its citizens comes first. Open borders violates such a responsibility, creating an impossible task for our law enforcement officers who already live in the daily challenge of risking their lives to provide safety for all enter our borders, citizens or not.”
He said he also found God gives people the ability to make wealth, and that merely giving people money without work can create a lifestyle of dependency that is dangerous for them and the U.S. government. “The failed liberal agenda espoused by Clinton actually creates the problems they claim to fix,” writes Johnson. “I also found that often times the welfare system masquerades as compassionate when it actually robs people of their much-needed self-esteem gained in their ability to work.”
“I found that redefining the family according to the latest immoral code is in fact cursed by God. Tragically this is a primary focus and value of the Clinton candidacy.”
Johnson also addressed the accusations of Trump being a racist. “When I looked at Trump’s personal staff and the workers in his businesses and I found happy minority workers who were very thankful for their boss. I also found that accusation is a trick of the devil to create fear, thus manipulating people’s decision-making process,” he writes.
“I found that speaking of women in a sexually demeaning way is wrong, as is treating any other human being as a piece of property. It is inexcusable, but not unforgivable. I also found that it is important to forgive people who have asked for forgiveness. Trump acknowledged his error of ten years ago and publicly apologized. I hope that those who judge him for that sin are not also judged for what they did wrong that they have confessed.”
Johnson vows to pray. “I pray for those who are in despair because of the outcome of this election, that God Himself would give them peace and a hope-filled promise. And finally I pray that each of us would have a life of realizing the fulfillment of dreams, with great health and blessing in every area of life,” he concludes.

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