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Why No Christian Lady Should Ever Marry An Atheist!!

Unless you are ready to be an atheist yourself, don't ever believe you guys will be able to tolerate each other for long. Forget about the "bullshit" about both of you, loving yourselves and being tolerant to one another. That assertion can never work. How can u spend your life with somebody who thinks that your "belief" is delusional and plain foolishness?

How can you train your children in such a man's house? What if he decides that his children will become atheists too? What will happen when both of you are supposed to pray and come together as a family? Do you think such a person will tolerate ur pastors or church members visiting you in his house?

Avoid atheists like plagues. Don't ever think you can change or convert him, once you people are married. There is no any good quality that any atheist possesses, that is not found among the Christian brothers. Just pray hard and God will give you a good believer that will give you more happiness than any atheist can ever think of giving you.


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