NEWS:|| Born Again Actress Patience Ozokwor Speaks About Her Wicked Roles In Movies, Family, Career And Legacy

Veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor, better known as ‘Mama Gee’ has spoken on how she got married at 19, enjoyed matrimony until her husband’s ailment which claimed his life after 15 years.

In an interview with Lanre Odukoya, the thespian opened up about family, career and legacy.

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Speaking about her late husband, she said, “he was a mechanical engineer, he was a civil servant in Enugu, he was sick for a long time, for more than 15 years and he died, he passed on in 2002.

On her experience as a single mother, “I cannot complain because God has been faithful. You know what it means to be married to a man who would later take ill for 15 years? He was in and out of coma and when you get out of coma, there’s no way you would be as strong as you were.

So, I got quite used to doing things alone by the help of Al-mighty God, when my husband was even alive, his health didn’t allow him to do much.”

On her movies which move her to tear, Mama G said, “You want to know the one that moved me to tears about my characters? There are characters I’d played in movies and after watching them back at home, I just thanked God it wasn’t me- it was a character.

Nearly all the movies where I played wicked roles made me cry because I remember what that character had done to somebody. I do these jobs to the best of my knowledge because I want to sit down at home, watch and cry over what I’m doing to people.

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There was a movie I did many years ago, it was titled Prophecy- what moved me to tears in that movie was that I was so wicked that I seized feeding bottle from the mouth of a new-born baby who lost his mother and I was supposed to be taking care of the baby.

The baby was crying, I seized his feeding bottle and threw it away. I wept profusely, the director stopped shooting until I was able to control myself. Then I summoned courage to continue. If someone had done it in real life, I would have exposed the fellow to the world to see.

There was another one where I went to take my sister’s daughter from the village, what I did to the girl, if any human being can do it to a fellow human being, I don’t know what God would do to that person in turn.

I met her in the kitchen, beat her so much that she fell down the stairs, rolled down and died from broken head and pains all over. I’d been playing wicked roles but those two movies are exceptionally horrible. I doubt that any human being would do that to anyone.”

In January 2016, Patience Ozokwor gave her life to Christ and ever since she gave her life to Christ, the actress has dumped her stage name and other unrighteous lifestyles.

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