A Pope Accused Of Eloping With Three Women

Pope Romanus Ongombe of the Legio Maria movement in Got Kwer, Migori County in Kenya, was said to have taken a married woman and two other single ones with him while he ran away.

His elopement was brought to public knowledge by the church’s head of administration, Cardinal Samson Arogo, who maintained that the pope had indeed committed the atrocity.

Pope Romanus Ongombe
Denying the allegations, the pope said:

“I have moved up the ranks from a padre, to bishop then cardinal, and now I am the pope. Everyone knows that I never engaged in such conducts. I am a pope installed by God.”

He went on to say that God sent him the three women to help him construct the tomb of their movement’s founder, Messiah Melkio Ondeto, who died 26 years ago.

cross section of some legio maria followers
He said the tomb has been in that incomplete state for several years because people keep embezzling the funds allocated for it. He went ahead to issue a note of warning to rumour mongers, saying:

“To those peddling such propaganda, I will not tolerate idle talk next time. You will face God, not me.”


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