114 Years Old Man Shares The Secret Of His Long Life

Meet Bernardo Lapallo, he is 114, and he looks as good as new! The man takes good care of his body but does not forget about the mind and soul. He reads daily and solves crosswords to sharpen his mind. Daily he walks or runs for 2.5 km.

He says they have it in the family. It’s in the blood. His grandma lived to 107 years. His mom died when she was 105 and his dad – 99 years of age. Bernardo’s face has very few wrinkles, and he still got his teeth.

He eats many veggies and consumes a lot of clean water daily. He also loves fruit and gets regular naps. He never suffered from the sleep deprivation. According to Bernardo and his father, who was a herbalist, such foods, like garlic, cinnamon, olive oil and honey promote longevity.

They keep your heart, skin and whole body cells healthy prevent many deadly diseases and help to restore the cells fighting off the free radicals. As we can see, his diet and the style of life work, as the man is not getting ready to say goodbye yet!


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